A Loving Farewell to Dougo and a Warm Welcome to Sorrel


Food For Thought has been blessed with the loving presence and plant wisdom of Doug “Dougo” Gosling for the past twenty years. Dougo not only created the garden here, but he stewarded countless volunteers to grow food and beauty for our clients. While he is moving on from being Food For Thought’s Garden Manager, his presence will always remain vibrant in the abundant gardens that surround us.

There is no better way to express his gifts to us than in his own words:

“I believe that learning to work the earth and know the soil, to grow plants and one’s own food, and to sow seeds and make compost are some of the most provocative, democratic and radical acts one can take toward reconciling the modern world’s alienation from the Earth and the miracle of Life, and toward knowing ourselves and finding our right place as humans on the planet.”

We wish him a beautiful and bountiful journey moving ahead.


Food For Thought is thrilled to welcome our new Garden Manager, Sorrel Allen. Sorrel has over 10 years of experience empowering local communities to create and restore natural and edible landscapes and to grow food lovingly and sustainably. She is so happy to contribute to making the garden food accessible to those who need it most. Sorrel is over the moon to be stewarding Doug Gosling's loving legacy in the Food for Thought garden and honored to share the magic, beauty, and nutritional goodness cultivated therein with clients and volunteers.