Celebrating Our Expansion!

For 26 years, we have provided nutrition services for people affected by HIV/AIDS in Sonoma County. Today, there are more people in our community affected by HIV than ever before, and we are as committed today to meeting their nutritional needs as we were in the 1980s. We promise to be there for our clients affected by HIV, for as long as they need us.
At the same time, there are thousands of people in Sonoma County who are suffering from other critical illnesses, and are also hungry. Many of them are as sick as people living with HIV were in the 1980s, and have no one to help care for them. We believe that this is wrong, and that no one who is living with a critical illness should go hungry. It is for this reason that we are proud to announce that we are expanding our eligibility. 
Starting soon, we’ll be serving people affected by other critical illnesses, and providing them with the same comprehensive services that our current clients receive. We believe very strongly in our model of listening to the needs of each individual client and giving them the life-supporting foods, nutrition education, and sense of community that they need and deserve. In November, we will begin a pilot program, in which we’ll serve a small number of clients with other illnesses. We’re starting small, and hope to eventually play a big part in meeting the needs of those in our community who are ill and at risk for malnutrition. 
 “This expansion is something that we, the founders, discussed many years ago. Inviting neighbors who are also impacted by devastating diagnoses, to join the FFT community, is a joyful expansion of the type of sharing and compassion that has been driving our work all along.”   
– Betsy Van Dyke, Founding Executive Director (and Queen of the Food Fairies)